Saturday, November 19, 2011

Facebook is Loosing You Credibility

Why is Facebook loosing you credibility?
1. Hackers - If someone hacks into your account, it could be all over from there.  Spamming and Viruses have been a part of Facebook since it became mainstream.  It can ruin your reputation if your account gets hacked.  Imagine your whole fan list getting some porn pictures from your brand.
2. Inexperienced Users - Anytime someone posts something on your wall they are automatically telling your fans that you approve of these services, products etc.  So when someone posts "FREE iPAD CLICK HERE" on your wall, your fans think it's from you a trusted source.
3. Your Own Friends - Partying with your friends is always fun, but remember online you have a brand to keep in tact.  So when your friends tag you in the album "Party from Last Night, 24 Hours Non Stop Drinking!" it reflects pretty badly on you.

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