Tuesday, December 20, 2011

3 Four Square Tips for Biz

Here are some easy ways you can use Four Square for your business,  think about customizing your Four Square strategy in alignment with your niche.  This can really be a great way to increase buzz about your business.

1.  Register Your Business - You need to claim your venue to ensure all the information is accurate.  Unfortunately at this point I do not have a brick & mortar store so I can't really register, but this is just great.

2.  Create a Special - Use this to create some discount for Four Square users who check into your location.  ex: New Era offers 25% off to any Mayor of a flagship store.  If you don't know what the Mayor means then you really need to research Four Square a little more.

3.  Dashboard - Customized statistics of your business' influence through Four Square.  Convenient all in one place.

Four Square makes it so easy for small businesses to get themselves out there while delivering accurate information to the customer!  I will def be using this in the near future.

Please Be My Friend!  https://foursquare.com/buffalo_tees

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