Friday, December 9, 2011

Fan Page Tips

Here are some tips to make a "sticky" Fan Page.  Sticky means that people will view it and want to go back to it for more information.

1.  Visual - Everything about online is visual.  Make sure your page pops with good pictures and colors.  If you can custom design your own page then even better.  If not then work with what you have. 

2.  Pictures - Make sure your pictures that fans first see are relevant then they will want to look at more

3.  About Section - Get to the point!  This is what shows up first when a fan goes to your wall, get to the point before they have to click onto another page.  People want information quick.

4.  Content - Have content that is enjoyable and relates to your cause.

5.  Integrate - Link to your other social media sites like Twitter & Tumblr.

6.  Track - Insights does this for you, track individual posts or old stats.  If you are not doing this then the plan is useless.  

You should always track your progress to see what works and what doesn't.  This can lead to the most effective social media plan.

Check out my Fan Page - Tell me what I should do to make my page "stickier".
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