Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Find Your Keywords

Why are Keywords so Important?  Basically it's all about 1 thing: SEO.  Search Engine Optimization.  You want all search engines to find your website, blog, social media site, etc.  So here's how you identify your keywords:

1.  What is your business?  Think of each keyword in your name and motto.  
2.  What are you Selling?  Think of each item tangible or intangible.
3.  Where is your Location?  Start small then think bigger.
4.  Who is your Target?  What are the demographics of these people?
5.  Thesaurus - Use this to think of different ways to say the same thing.  
6.  Misspellings - Misspell things so that it can be found either way.  Make sure you do not misspell things in your actual site, make these things non-visible so it doesn't ruin your credibility.
Example:  (Keywords)
1.  I own a bar.  (bar, tavern, club, brewery...)
2.  I am selling alcohol.  (beer, liquor, shots, pints, drafts, bottles...)
3.  I am located in Buffalo by a College.  
(Buffalo, New York, College, State, University...)
4.  My target is College kids.  (Students, ID, 21)

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