Sunday, December 18, 2011

Green Your Business

Here are some cheap and easy ways you can 
Green your small business (or home) in no time!

1.  Power - Save power by turning your computer down at night.  Also unplug electronics from outlets.  They drain electricity even when they aren't in use.  Switch to energy efficient light bulbs.  It costs a little more money up front 
but you save a lot in the long run.

2.  Paper - Don't waste paper, it's not necessary in the digital age. 
 If you do use it then use both sides and recycle it afterwards.

3.  Waste - Cut down on waste by up-cycling something after use.  An example that I do is all the paper that I shred I then use it with litter for my cats.  There are many different things you can do so see what works for you.

4.  Recycle - In Western New York esspecially you should be recycling, they make it so easy.  Recycle newspapers, paper, glass, plastic and anything you can.  
The smallest part makes a difference.

5.  DIY - Do it yourself where you can.  For example, for Christmas presents this year I made bows out of old magazines.  Yes it probably didn't save me too much money but it's lots of love that goes into making them.  :-)

If you need anymore Green Advice send me an email.

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