Friday, December 16, 2011

How to Analyze Tracking

Here are some easy ways to analyze your social  media tracking.

1.  Number of Views - How many people are visiting your blog (site) a day, in a week, in a month.  Is the number steady, rising, or declining?

2.  How they are Visiting - Are they finding your site on google or yahoo?  Are they using Chrome or Mozilla to view it?

3.  Number of Fans - This is different than the number of views because people may still be coming to view your site they just might not have clicked 'like'.

4.  Engaging Content - Are people commenting or liking on the content you are posting?  If they aren't engaging then it isn't working.  Change it up.

5.  Time of Day - When are most of your fans engaging in your content?  Mornings, evenings, work hours, Saturdays, etc.

6.  Development - Now you must plan around these facts you just analyzed.

For Example:  I learned that most people view my blog on the weekends and they are finding my blog by linked in and google.

So now I would post promotional blurbs on the weekends to promote my site and make sure I am always posting updates from my blog on Linked In.

These small things can make a huge difference.

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