Sunday, December 4, 2011

I Heart Vista Prints

So it's not necessarily the greatest option out there but Vista Prints is GREAT for Small Businesses (always support local business if it's possible)!  Here's Why:

1.  Free Stuff - They are usually always offering 250 free business cards.  Sign up for their mailing list if you don't see it on their site.  You get "free stuff" emails all the time.  You do have to pay for shipping so it'll be like $6 for 250 cards.

2.  Discount - If it's not free it's discounted.  Today I found 100 post cards for $17.49.  There is always fun stuff.

3.  Templates - If you don't have your own design no worries.  They offer tons of different designs for anything you order.  You can customize your own, but it may cost more.

4.  Variety - There are different templates for all sorts of business categories.  Tons to choose from.

Things that I've ordered and loved: Business Cards, Vinyl Manner, Car Magnets, Post Cards, and Letterhead.

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