Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pop Up Stores: What?

What are Pop Up Stores & What are They're Importance?  I'll fill you in:

1.  What - These are stores that actually "pop up" in a location.  Many businesses are now doing this but the most familiar example is Halloween Costume stores in October.

2.  Where - That's the beauty of it they can be anywhere.  Again think of that Halloween Store, it probably wasn't in the same location.  They usually will rent out a vacant building for a couple months prior to the holiday.

Reebok Pop Up Store
3.  When - Again that's the beauty of it, you don't know until it's happening.  These are usually very exclusive and in high traffic places.

4.  How - Usually they promote these things exclusively to followers or fans.  For example we have a sandwich truck that comes around the city.  Everyday it is somewhere different, to find out where you must follow him on Twitter.

5.  Why - These pop up stores are great for both customers and businesses.  It is a quick and cheap to create a store and it is cool and interesting for customers.

These are a great way to integrate your social media fan base and convert them into sales.  Maybe these could work for your business & let me know because I will be there!

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