Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stumble Upon is Great

Here are my favorite things about Stumble Upon:

1.  The Site Itself - One website with tons of other websites.  All you do is press 'stumble' and it goes through a database of cool websites or things that people have stumbled upon.  I thought this was like a household name, but I do know people who haven't used it yet.  You must start ASAP.

2.  Interests - Set up your interests so that you stumble on things you already like (ex: Photography, Science, Conspiracies, Beer, Art, Government, Entertainment, etc.)

3.  Favorites - When you see a site you like you can favorite it for future use and so that your followers can see what you like.

4.  Following - You can follow your friends and they can follow you.  Then you can share your favorite sites and see what other people enjoy.

5.  Add Your Own - You can add your own favorite websites to this list.  It has to be something really good in order to add it.

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