Monday, December 5, 2011

Twitter Trend Tips

What I've learned by studying Twitter Trending:

1.  Sunday is all about Football.  Whatever player is hot, top plays and overall buzz about football in America.  This is usually worldwide too.

2.  It's important to look at trends in all different locations.  When Adele announced she was having throat surgery it was trending in almost every single country.  What is trendy somewhere might not be in another place.

3.  Justin Beiber is always talked about on Twitter.  Leading me to assume that a lot of young girls use Twitter or there are a lot of people who should be on some sort of watch list.

4.  Spanish is used everywhere even in United States trends.

5.  TV Shows are always trending while the show is airing and if it's good usually the next day.

These are all great things you should get into tweeting about.  
So maybe Justin Beiber has nothing to do with you, 
but an acoustic video of him is more your style.  

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