Sunday, January 1, 2012

3 Great New Years Resolutions for Your Business

1. Green Your Biz.  Going green is something that is really popular and important in today's world.  People are learning the importance of the environment and the impact we have on it.  Going green will save your business money, make you feel good and increase customer respect.

2. Go Local.  This is harder financially, but see where it can work and benefit your business.  Start by looking at local suppliers, you will be surprised what you will find.  When you support the community the community supports you.

3. Be Open to change.  2012 is going to be bringing so much change in marketing and even more in social media.  Position your business to be able to adapt and accept these changes.  It will only help you in the long run.

These three tips are the best way to gain fans in your community.  People are more focused on their local community and it is important that as a business you are too.  It is becoming more important to customers that the businesses they support are socially responsible, remember these are the people who keep you in business.

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