Monday, February 13, 2012

3 Fav Ads this Week

My Favorite 3 Ads Today

In today's world you need to be thinking outside of the box in order to make any sales.  These 3 ads capture three main ideas that puts your advertising above your competitors.

1.  Realistic - What an easy cheap idea for this coffee company.  I say it's cheap for them since they proably already vinyl wrap their machines so why not make it catch some attention by making it look like someone is brewing the coffee for you.  This is extremely clever because it makes a non-customer service oriented business interactive and personal.
2. Eyecatching - Anyone whose walking these streets are sure to notice the bright white of the Mr Clean advertising.  It is so white it gives you the impression it cleans everything.  This just goes to show how colors in your advertising can sway your customer's mind into positive thinking about your brand.
3. Funny - A small idea that a t-shirt company has added extra love to their tees by making them enjoyable.  Of course they are poking fun at animal cruelty, but that's comedy.  If you can't laugh in life then you're doing something wrong.

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