Thursday, February 2, 2012

Best Twitter Resources

Here are some of the best Twitter resources:

1.  Twitter Resources - If you don't have a follow me button on your website, newsletter, etc... What are you waiting for?  It's super simple make sure you use a button too because Twitter users recognize the logo.  You should put a widget on your site too it's easy and will help to tie your social media accounts and website together.
2.  TweepsMap - Analyzing tool that shows you on a map where your twitter followers are located.  It's real fun to see whose out there.  You can break it down by: Country, State and City.  Make sure you click list to see a breakdown of all your followers. 88% of my followers are from #USA, 70% from #NewYork, 48% from #Buffalo. 
3.  Twitter Counter - Tracks your tweets and followers by day, week, month...  To get anything else out of this you need to pay for it.  But it's nice to have an easy to read tracking of your overall stats.  

Do you have a favorite?  
Please let me know I'd love to check it out!

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