Friday, February 17, 2012

TV Shows & Social Media

Here are the Top 3 TV shows that have taught me so much about Social Media.  I actually never believed I would learn anything about marketing from these shows, but I was wrong.

1.  Gossip Girl - Well first off this is a show pretty much about a rumor website that follows the elite of NYC.  Through this show you can learn how important social media is to teenagers today.  It has taught me how teens can't live without these gossip websites, even if the gossip isn't true.  It is also a great way to learn about trends for teens.

2.  Pretty Little Liars - Another teen show about a crazy murder mystery, but it is all centered around technology.  These girls are getting set up or blackmailed by an unknown character through emails and texts.  It has taught me that teens cannot live without their cell phones.  It is something that will not change for years to come.

3.  The Walking Dead - This show is about pretty much the end of the world.  People are getting a virus that turns them into zombies and it's survival of the fittest.  Of course they can't really use technology during the show, but they have some of the best marketing integration.  They have all sorts of fun apps and games to play like killing zombies.  They run contests to find fans to play zombies in the show.  They have really mastered the art of marketing integration between TV, internet and cell phones.

In conclusion you must keep these things in mind when creating marketing:  try to be trendy, cell phones are still the future and integrate everything!

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