Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why You Should Retweet

Here's Why You Should Retweet:

1.  Gain More Fans - If you are interested in some of the same things then people will start to follow you.  Maybe you liked a joke from a comedian or a quote from an actor if you retweet it will only broaden your fan base.

2.  Different Insight - Maybe your fans don't pay attention to the crazy stuff Chris Brown is saying or following the live WW2 tweets as they happened so why not retweet the entertaining stuff, bringing a different insight to your twitter handle.

3.  Important Stuff - You should always retweet the important stuff like news stories or sports scores.  Your fans will like that they can rely on you for the important stuff.

In conclusion retweet anything relevant that is entertaining and will 
not hurt your brand.  You do not want to offend anyone by doing this.

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