Friday, August 3, 2012

5 Tips for Your Linked In Profile

Things You Need to Include in 
Your Linked In Profile:

1.  Education - Make sure you put the highest amount of education you have completed.  Don't exclude it at all because then it seems like you never went to a school.

2.  Experience - Put in the most important stuff first.  The stuff that gives you the skills you need today to succeed at your goals, or the experience you are most proud of.  Don't put down your high school part time job if you have been in the workforce for 10 years.

3.  Connections - Make sure you start connecting with people.  If you aren't doing this then you are using Linked In wrong.  Start finding people through your email or Facebook page and then expand from there.

4.  Resume - You should import your resume.  It can't hurt you, only help you.

5.  Summary - This is the most important element in my opinion.  This is the first thing that anyone will see when they view your profile.  Keep it fun and short while including your skills. 

Whenever working with Linked In it is very important to
Keep it Professional!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

4 Ways to Decrease Advertising Costs

How to Decrease Your Advertising Costs in 
4 Easy Steps:

1.  Local Businesses - Team with a local business to share advertising costs with your business.  You will be able to keep your advertising budget the same while getting an ad with more exposure.

2.  Local Sources - There are a lot of local websites and directories that cater specifically to free advertising.  Most of the time you just have to shoot them an email saying what you provide, your address and contact information.

3.  Social Media - Utilize all your free online resources!  It is so easy to use and can have some great results as long as you use it in the right ways.  Make sure to check my other posts that specify certain social media outlets.

4.  Cross Promotion - You must be able to tie all of these outlets together.  You need to check the settings area of most social media sites to see how to link your accounts together.  This way when you post something it will post to all your other media outlets cutting so much time out of your promotion time.

These are the best ways to save some money on advertising.  There are so many free resources out there.  Just do some research on the best ways to utilize these resources that will help your business!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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5 Tips to Find a Great Retail Storefront

How to Find a Great Retail Storefront:

1.  Target Market - Who is your Target Market?  Make sure your location is convenient for your target customers.  If your target is teenagers under 16 then it might not be a good idea to get a place that is far away or where a car is necessary to get to the location.

2.  Neighborhood - Is the neighborhood safe?  Will people want to go there?  What else is around the location?  These are all great questions to ask when browsing possible areas, make sure the neighborhood fits into your vision.

3.  Parking - Is there sufficient room to park?  Will it be convenient and easy for your target customers to find your space?  Will they have to walk far?  A good guideline is to have anywhere between 5 to 8 parking spaces per 1000 square feet depending on what your business is.

4. Size - Your retail store must encompass your whole mission and vision so it's necessary to find the perfect size to properly display your inventory.  You don't want it to look too cramped or too empty.

5. Visibility - How visible is the store from the road?  Can customers view your sign while walking and driving?  Do the colors catch your eye?

When considering a new location there are many different variables involved that will help you succeed.  Planning is essential in the beginning stages to set the base of your business so you can grow from there.